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Monday, January 18, 2010

Take a Step Back............

Haiti! Tragedy beyond imagination best describes what is now every day life for millions in this tiny island nation.
Humanitarian aid is still slow to arrive, dead bodies line the streets sometimes piled one upon the other. Millions left homeless, many of whom are children left mulling around dead bodies searching for one or both of their parents or a brother or sister.
Can we truly envision such devastation, we see it on televised news reports and read about it in our newspapers, we are reminded of Katrina and 9/11 but can we ever hope to understand what lies before an entire people thrown into such chaos in what was only a matter of seconds?
There will surely be stories of heroism, hope and miracles out of this disaster. There will also be violence and inhumanity all of which will provide fuel and fodder for the talking heads of the media for months to come.
I'd like to take a different tact, after our prayers for the destitute, I'd like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to the American People. First on the scene with humanitarian aid, first on the scene with blood and treasure, while many take flight from the devastation, Americans rush in with help and hope for the millions in need as only Americans can.
Still we are criticized for what we have not done, still these critics, at home and abroad, abash our efforts as inadequate.
As Americans from sea to shining sea forget the failings of their own economy, as we come to terms with unemployment and home foreclosures at record rates, still the amount Americans donate at record rates.
Millions upon millions of dollars donated by corporations, our government and individuals, some finding difficulty with their own personal finances, have answered the call of people they do not know.
This is the spirit of 'We the People' at its best. This is the story of America.
Is it any wonder we have been a beacon to oppressed people the world over. Is it any wonder thousands have died trying to reach our shore’s.
When I hear public figures spew garbage of how they have never been proud of our country and refer to our citizens as 'nazi's or tea baggers' I ask them to count the numbers of Americans who have given their lives so that others can be free.
They number in the millions, and all have names beyond, soldier, care worker, statesman and volunteers, they are fathers, sons, brothers and sisters from all walks of life and they have made the ultimate sacrifice without hesitation. Yet we tolerate the criticisms of our enemies and even fellow Americans as they would rather consider us an oppressive nation.
Through the decades there have been natural disasters, they are one constant man cannot predict or control. There is one other constant, the sacrifice of the American People. It is a direct result of the freedoms we experience, as is our prosperity. Because of these liberties and freedoms we have developed into the best of mankind.
If not for 'We the People' what course would the experience of man taken?


  1. It's a shame that jealousy and envy have distorted the sentiment of the People of America, We the People should never have to flaunt our heroism, but the left of America as well as the world continue to belittle all that is good about our country and our libeerty

  2. What the hell does the word "abash" mean??