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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Tables Are Turning!

What will it take for them to finally get it? Them: the prominent representatives, both congressmen and senators including the office of the President, they who are elected to defend the Constitution and protect the American People.
We have witnessed a grass root uprising over the recent year the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the 1960’s & 70’s protests of the Vietnam War.
The outcome of recent elections, especially in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts confirm voter discontent with the status quo. Political pollsters are reporting daily of America’s disillusionment with Congress and the President’s poll numbers have seen dramatic decline since he began to promote his own agenda over that of the people.
The message being sent is crystal clear, ‘now more than ever American’s are finding it difficult to realize their dream and want their government back.
The recent swing in voter loyalty seems to be one of abandoning both establishment parties, they, although enrolled as Democrats and Republicans, proclaim themselves as Independents and Conservatives insisting it is not they who have abandoned their party’s but their party’s who have abandoned them.
When one examines the current political landscape it becomes evident their claims are justified. On the national stage the extreme right and left have hijacked their parties and have left moderate Republicans and Democrats out in the cold. The Tea Party movement offers them a unifying theme as ‘We the People’ is once again the mantra of exploited Americans from coast to coast.
While the decades of the 60’s & 70’s left a generation disillusioned and searching for a sense of purpose, this generation, much broader in scope, has turned the tables on the established authority and coalesced under a theme of fiscal responsibility. Social issues once used to divide the nation with purpose no longer play a vital role in decisions we make regarding the direction of our country.
Political Pundits and media talking heads have helped the elite in Washington denigrate and abash what is quickly becoming a meaningful alternative to the status quo. The reasons may be simple, the threat posed by a third political party will not only effect the outcome of elections as seen in the States mentioned earlier, the deeper concern in the end is the inability to pigeonhole the constituency and tap into their fears and passions. This second point forces the candidates and the parties that support them to consider the issues of real importance to the electorate rather than issues of concern to them.
The truth is this may be the best way ‘We the People’ can wrestle control away from the lobbyists, left leaning media and professional politicians and return it to the those it was meant to empower.
If the President’s promise of change has succeeded in doing anything, it has succeeded in empowering ‘We the People’ to bring to ourselves the kind of change we so badly desire.

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