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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is This How Government Works?

I have been spending today like most Americans, glued to the television wondering how could this happen in the United States!
One gimmick after the other, one political purchase after the other, I wonder if all the added backroom deals are in the CBO's numbers?
We the People had better wake up before November, we need to let those congressmen and women know first hand that they are not representing the will of those who elected them.
If the Democrat Party can do this with health care, what will they do to pass immigration, cap & trade and God only knows what else. I have been scratching my head wondering what is Pelosi selling for each individual vote?
Look, it doesn't take a physics professor to know when something stinks, and this bill stinks.
At face value they are playing games with the numbers, the language and our lives. Talk about your house of cards!
Anyone who has read my post or articles in the past knows where I stand on 'big government' so I wont be redundant.
Have you heard the theory of communism? In a short anecdote it goes like this:
You have a bunch of wild pigs, you want to pen them up and raise them as food, 
  1. Put out a slew of corn or feed, the pigs, curious but ready for a easy meal reluctantly eat the corn.
  2. Put out a slew of corn but erect one fence near by, having had a free meal the pigs return ignoring the fence.
  3. Put out a slew of corn and add the second section of fence, guess what? the pigs having tasted the easy meal have no problem ignoring their surroundings
  4. Put of the third section of fence, do I need to tell you the pigs are eager for the free food, now while they are ignoring you and feasting, bring in that last section of fence. You'll happily be dining on pork chops for the future.
I don't want to compare you to pigs but that's how it's done.
Give someone a fish and you feed him for 1 meal
Teach a man to fish and he'll eat well for the rest of his life, or at least until GE begins dredging the Hudson again.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is the Republic Safe?

Many Americans upset with the direction of their government are wondering if the Constitution can stand up under fire. Some say that it is unaffected by time while others insist it changes as the times change. Regardless of which camp you are a part, the document wholly responsible for the greatest advancements in personal liberties has once again proven the insight of its designers.
Can it be our Founding Fathers, some 235 years ago, could have imagined the tests and trials this document would face? If so where then can we find men of such fortitude and courage today?
The answer to the first question is yes, and it becomes more obvious with each step the current administration takes. Gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey and the latest Massachusetts Senatorial election have shown that the sleeping giant, the American Voter, has been listening. As often as the Congressional majority tries to marginalize the strength and fortitude of the American people, the stronger and more resolved they become.
Whether it is Healthcare, Cap and Trade or the stimulus bill, the idea of a bigger central government seems to be at the core of voter disillusionment. Proponents of such a change in the landscape of the American economy have faced the voice of the people in town halls across the nation and have run from the backlash of voter anger.
The reality of election losses of incumbents from both sides of the aisle depicts a constituency disappointed in the actions of Washington as a whole and has sent shockwaves through the foundation of both political parties.
So when we attempt to answer the second question, where can we find such men and women of courage and fortitude? The answer becomes just as obvious. Look to your neighbors, your family, friends and co-workers. Men and women of all ages and income brackets have forgone apathy and taken action. They are informed in spite of an incompetent media. They, or should I say we are taking our government back and forcing the changes promised by lofty speakers and charismatic politicians. This is the way it should be, the only way it can happen, from the ground up, forcing government to re-think its self-serving practices to deliver the kind of government Americans want and deserve.