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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is This How Government Works?

I have been spending today like most Americans, glued to the television wondering how could this happen in the United States!
One gimmick after the other, one political purchase after the other, I wonder if all the added backroom deals are in the CBO's numbers?
We the People had better wake up before November, we need to let those congressmen and women know first hand that they are not representing the will of those who elected them.
If the Democrat Party can do this with health care, what will they do to pass immigration, cap & trade and God only knows what else. I have been scratching my head wondering what is Pelosi selling for each individual vote?
Look, it doesn't take a physics professor to know when something stinks, and this bill stinks.
At face value they are playing games with the numbers, the language and our lives. Talk about your house of cards!
Anyone who has read my post or articles in the past knows where I stand on 'big government' so I wont be redundant.
Have you heard the theory of communism? In a short anecdote it goes like this:
You have a bunch of wild pigs, you want to pen them up and raise them as food, 
  1. Put out a slew of corn or feed, the pigs, curious but ready for a easy meal reluctantly eat the corn.
  2. Put out a slew of corn but erect one fence near by, having had a free meal the pigs return ignoring the fence.
  3. Put out a slew of corn and add the second section of fence, guess what? the pigs having tasted the easy meal have no problem ignoring their surroundings
  4. Put of the third section of fence, do I need to tell you the pigs are eager for the free food, now while they are ignoring you and feasting, bring in that last section of fence. You'll happily be dining on pork chops for the future.
I don't want to compare you to pigs but that's how it's done.
Give someone a fish and you feed him for 1 meal
Teach a man to fish and he'll eat well for the rest of his life, or at least until GE begins dredging the Hudson again.

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